Welcome to Reiki Grace!  Reiki Grace is run by Reiki Master Teacher Sunetra Basu. You can contact her - Call 732-882-2048 or Email reikisunetra@gmail.com and make your healing/course appointments. 

 Reiki Grace is a Training Organization for aspirants who want to be attuned to Reiki, the Universal Life Energy, and to channelize this powerful, non-invasive cosmic wave for health, harmony and well-being. With its origin in the east, Reiki is a system of natural holistic healing that finds its way into the lives of countless suffering souls, enabling total cleansing/detoxification and innermost healing, while reinstating peace, harmony, focus and the much needed mental clarity. Reiki is easy to learn and a five to seven hour Reiki course from a qualified Master Teacher can bring into your life health and fulfillment in cosmic proportions. Get connected to the very Source of the Universal Life Energy!

Reiki Master Teacher and author Sunetra Basu specializes in Traditional Usui Reiki, also known as Usui Shiki Ryoho (Usui System of Natural Healing), and is dedicated to training Reiki aspirants all across the world into qualified, powerful Reiki Channels. Sunetra is an IARP Registered Reiki Professional, and a Registered Healer under INHA. Sunetra teaches Reiki Levels 1, 2, and 3, empowering students to channel Reiki, self-heal and heal others all life long. First Degree and Second Degree courses are taught as distant programs. Master Degree Course is an in-class program scheduled to commence soon. Both Reiki classes and Reiki healing sessions are sublime spiritual experiences enabling deep healing!  Please call/email or click Contact  to request your Reiki classes with Sunetra Basu. 

REIKI is a spiritual healing system wherein Universal Life Energy is channelized into the receiver to heal and cleanse all levels of consciousness - physical, mental and emotional, thus enabling spiritual awakening! The 'Reiki' energy is a metaphysical healing energy wave invisible to human eyes. It is 'life energy' itself dwelling at higher spiritual dimensions...the Source of all life forms, the cosmic vibration that maintains health all through life. Reiki is not a technique or therapy, it is channelized healing grace! ...The entire healing process is guided by the Higher Intellect! Embrace Reiki, experience completeness in life with the Reiki way of holistic living!  Thank you for visiting Reiki Grace! Read more


 PLEASE NOTE  Reiki Healing Sessions/ Reiki Course Booking is NOT an automated process at Reiki Grace and is personally managed by the Reiki Master Teacher on a first-come-first-served basis. Please email or call Sunetra Basu requesting your healing or class reservations. You will soon receive either a callback or an email reply directly from her. Please wait until you've received the confirmation of your Reiki session or class dates and then proceed to pay for the same via PayPal on this website. Thank you!


JoAnn Preen
Sunetra is very knowledgeable as a Reiki Master and explained in fine details the history, theory and practicals of Reiki healing practice. She is always available to answer questions. As a nurse I find this most rewarding because it shows me her goal is to have you understand it so that you can deliver Reiki to yourself and to others in the most experienced fashion...Read More

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Please call, email or fill up the Contact form to request your Reiki course reservation. 


 Important Information About Reiki, the Usui System of Natural Healing...

Reiki healing is powerful and very effective. In order to enjoy the benefits of Reiki you should take healing sessions regularly. To understand the Reiki system of healing better, please read the following section...

Reiki is a spiritual healing system wherein the entire healing process is guided by a higher intellect in a way that it works in the best interests of all the parties involved in the situation. A Reiki healing session is simply like bathing in divine love or divine bliss! That's actually what the cosmic healing energy, namely, Reiki, the Universal Life Energy, is! It cleanses away all negativity and replenishes the required level of positive 'life' energy into the recipient. Being the very fuel of our life, health, harmony and happiness, Reiki heals every negative situation in life if the energy is made available consistently in order to maintain the flow of energy and thus to keep the process of healing going.

The duration of the healing process (how long it will take for symptoms/problems to disappear) and the pace of healing (how fast the healing will happen and manifest) are dependent upon two factors... the existing level of life energy in the recipient, and, the depth and criticality of the negative energy blocks within the recipient. Additionally, the recipient's destiny sets the overall jurisdiction of his/her healing. Reiki enables all that one's destiny allows. Since both healing and destiny obey the laws of the same divine source, they do not work against each other, but work together for the person's complete wellbeing and spiritual progress. Therefore, the healing path and the process laid out by Reiki differ from person to person.

Healing takes place every time Reiki is channeled to someone! ...And every healing session for every person is totally personalized for his/her highest good; because every healing session is customized to divine perfection! When I channelize Reiki to someone, it comes directly from the cosmic source, goes through my heart chakra, the seat of love and compassion, and gets directed to the recipient.

Please call or email me your details mentioning your full name, age, location(township, state, country), the problems/ailments that need healing, and your phone number. I wish you the very best! May you be blessed with Reiki grace!

With love and light!   ~Sunetra Basu


Reiki does not interfere with any other treatment or procedure whether it is medication, surgery, therapy or otherwise. In fact, Reiki heals negative effects of other treatments and medications, empowers and speeds up the recipient's healing process. You can learn Reiki, take Attunemets and take Reiki healings even as you continue with your ongoing treatments. Reiki helps cope with pain, post-surgery problems and labour.

Reiki is provided as a regular facility in numerous hospitals in the US especially to cancer patients, women in labour and surgery patients. However, the benifits of Reiki go far beyond that. It brings about a positive transformation within, restoring inner calm and bliss.

Experience Reiki, you will know the difference it makes! 


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